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Darkhouse is now in HTML5 but there's still bugs

Posted by ImminentDeath - August 13th, 2019


Before I start, I want to reiterate that I'm completely new to game development, Darkhouse has bugs and I'm not sure how to fix them, and I don't really know what I'm doing in general.

I just updated Darkhouse with an HTML5 format, along with a couple other changes and bug fixes. Google Chrome, and probably other browsers, have began disabling the Flash player in preparation for when Flash shuts down in 2020. This made Darkhouse playable only in the Newgrounds player, but I was having some issues with some of the controls in the player. The Enter key would cause the game to freeze, and while you can use L or Z instead (depending on your control scheme), just pressing enter once and breaking the game is not an acceptable bug to be left in Darkhouse. The pause button (esc) also didn't work in the player.

I had tried to update the game with version 0.3.3, which removed Enter as a control, added P as an alternate pause button, and also fixed a bug I had found that could have potentially crashed the game in locked rooms. But I couldn't get the Newgrounds player to run the new version.

At this point Darkhouse has become almost unplayable in Flash, so I added an HTML5 file to run instead. I was trying to wait until the bugs in HTML5 were fixed, but this version is playable and easier to run than Flash now, and it doesn't crash anymore like it used to (I still don't know what happened with those crashes, or why they're gone now). The big problem with HTML5 now is the low quality sound and music. I've tried everything I know to try, and I think I just have to wait until Stencyl releases a new build that fixes the issue, because this problem has happened to other people as well. The loading bar is also missing, and the game can sometimes lag during boss fights. I've changed the damaged effect of bosses to tint using one of the colors from their health bar, instead of using invert and adjust hue, so that might help a little.

Again, this is the very first video game I've created. I have never coded or programmed before, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I had a vision for Darkhouse when I started making it, but I decided to set my standards to what I can do right now instead of what I'm not experienced enough for. That's why I call it version 0, because while Darkhouse is playable and beatable (it has an ending), I still want to come back to it after I've learned more and become better at making games. I continue to update Darkhouse because I want to make it the best game that I can make. But until I have more experience, I'm limited by my current knowledge of game development.

It's worth noting, though, that for my first game, I think I did a good job. A lot of people have enjoyed Darkhouse even with all of it's bugs, and thanks to them for playing it. Some people have gotten past the 2nd boss, and one person even cleared Level 3. So I will continue to do everything I can to make Darkhouse a fun and challenging game to play, with no bugs or problems, and make it the best game that I can.



Keep going, you can figure this stuff out, we've all gone through similar stuff at times while we've been learning the ropes. You can do it!

keep it up
your determination is impressive