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A Guide to Lunar Exploration

Posted by ImminentDeath - May 15th, 2020


I just released Astronaught, the first of smaller games I wanted to make so it doesn't take me years to release something. It's just a short little game about a man on the moon. So far I think it's doing pretty good, and a lot of people seem to be enjoying it, and I've also got some feedback on how to improve, which is always great. So I thought I'd put together a sort of guide/changelog of recent updates explaining what's been going on here on the moon.

Something people were confused about is how to get past obstacles that were too high to reach. This is where the slopes become a key mechanic to the game. You can jump while running up a slope to jump higher, something I noticed while developing the game and thought I'd utilize in gameplay. I added text explaining this in the first room where you need to do this in a recent patch, and there are a couple other places in the game that require this action. Here is one of them:


But while running up slopes can give you a helpful boost, going down them can be tricky. You might have noticed that you tend to slip and fall a little when you run down a slope, preventing you from jumping until you hit the ground again. This is something you should be aware of throughout Astronaught, because there are some areas where you'll need to jump off a downward slope, so you'll need to hit the jump key before you move forwards or you'll slip and fall. Here's an example of where this might happen:


I hope these tips help you have an easier time playing.

I also noticed that it wasn't very clear when medals are unlocked, something I didn't really notice until now. So I added this:


(honestly I probably should have added this before releasing Astronaught anyway) Whenever you see this, you should have unlocked the medal. The icon will also show up briefly by itself during the ending to show that it's medal was unlocked, I just didn't want it to interfere too much with the ending.

There's also a hint about the secret medal (the one that isn't the ending medal) down in the reviews, in case you're having trouble figuring out where it is.

Other than these issues, it looks like people enjoyed the game, and I'm happy with it. New bugs will of course always be fixed when discovered, and I'll also be releasing the soundtrack over the next few days, starting today. I'm glad you liked my little space game.

The game is also available on Itch.io if you want to check it out there: https://imminentdeath.itch.io/astronaught


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