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The last update on that one game I'm making

Posted by ImminentDeath - May 22nd, 2021


There’s no way I’ll be able to properly articulate my thoughts about the state of this game. It’s enormous and very, very difficult to make, and it’s fun to play, but also very, very buggy. I was hoping to at least be almost done by now, but I was too busy with college (mainly calculus and making Spaceblast), and now I’m much farther behind than I already was.

Besides fixing bugs and overall quality improvements, the major tasks I have left are as follows:

  • I have a few more songs I need to write
  • I have to finish the sprite for an absolutely massive dragon boss (which was in hindsight a terrible idea because of how much time and effort it requires to make)
  • I have to make the final boss, both it’s animations and gameplay mechanics
  • I have to make the ending cutscene

The driving force that prevents me from abandoning this game is fueled by how far I’ve already come with it and how much I care about it. But this game is almost two years old by now, and it’s holding me back from everything else I want to make. There’s no way I’ll finish it in any reasonable amount of time, and there’s no way I’ll give up because I’ve worked too damn hard on it, and yet there’s no way I’ll be able to fix it up to the standards I have for it.

So what am I going to do?

I’m putting this game on hold. I’ll see if I can finish the tasks above whenever I can, and then I’ll release the game as an open beta. I’ll maintain a list of known bugs so everyone knows what they’re getting themselves into, and try to fix what I can. But this game may never be officially released, and there’s no telling when I’ll get the beta version out.

I think this is the best option I have because I want people to see this game and it’s story. I want feedback on what I’ve done well and what I need to do better in the next game I make. But I also want to be able to do other projects and develop new skills. Making games is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done and likely will ever do, and I love it, but I want to be better at it.

I’m really sorry this is how things ended up. I do my best to be productive, write devlogs and give updates on things, and just be a competent game developer, but my ambitions are too far beyond my capabilities. I won’t stop pursuing any of the bigger projects I have in mind (some of which dwarf even this game), but right now I can only make small games with more subtle stories. I hope you all will enjoy them when they’re released, and I hope I can one day be good enough at making games to start one of those big projects.


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