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This game is interesting for a couple reasons. The maze is pretty small, and whatever that faceless entity is can move through walls. It also prefers diagonal movement over straight movement so it tries to cut you off if you're aligned on the x or y axis. Combine that with the slow movement and you get some close calls every now and then.

My strategy was to memorize the maze and then run circles around the edges of it, trying to lead the enemy away from where I intend to go, because since the maze is small and it can move through walls, it can get to me pretty quickly. I managed to grab 5 circle-things in my last run before the faceless ghost man got me.

I like the 1-bit graphics and chiptune music. I wish the title meant something in the game itself because that's what intrigued me about this game. I'm not sure this game needs difficulty settings because it seems pretty balanced to me. Maybe if the maze was a little bigger, you could avoid having to run circles around the edges of it, but you'd have more maze to memorize, and if you added more dead ends it would incentivize people to memorize it so they don't get trapped in them by the enemy.

I think this game has the potential to become something great, given the time you didn't have during the jam to balance and expand on it's content. There's always going to be bugs in your first game, and especially in a jam game where the submission deadline has since passed.

You might want to look into more options for controls. The enter key is a little awkward to use since it's right above the arrow keys, and the up/down arrows scroll the page when you press them (there's code to fix that somewhere on the internet), unless your full version won't be a web game.

I think you should incorporate something to do with the title in the game itself, because the title is what caught my attention. This seems like a game which features classic mechanics from it's genre, like keys, moving platforms, and combat. Experiment with these mechanics and see if you can come up with interesting puzzles, and maybe even an interesting story.

RecraftedS responds:

:-D Thanks dude, I'm trying my best to make this game the best I can. I will definitely take your advice. I'm currently working on expanding the game, updating the graphics, adding some lore, etc. Also, I updated the game where you can now with WSAD controls!

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