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Achievements Return and New Songs

Posted by ImminentDeath - September 16th, 2019


Darkhouse version 0.4 has been released, with new icons for the music using the art style I showed previously, as well as the main Darkhouse icon shown above, and two more big changes.

The first new addition is in-game achievements, which can be viewed in the Scoreboard menu, and which are a replacement for the broken medals that were added a while ago and currently aren't unlocking anymore. If I ever figure out how to fix them, I will. But for now, these in-game achievements should work instead. They won't be visible to everyone like the medals are, but at least you'll be able to collect them again. They have new icons that I think look better that the old ones, and you'll see them appear for a brief moment in the bottom left corner when you unlock them.

I also replaced two of the songs in the soundtrack that I really didn't like, the Level 2 Boss theme and the Level 5 Boss theme. The 14 songs I made for Darkhouse were among the first I've ever made, and I think most of them are actually not bad, a couple of them even good. But these two just sounded really weird, and they didn't work well in their environment. So I created 2 new songs to replace them in the game, and uploaded them to Newgrounds. I also changed every song on Newgrounds except for 2 to be looping, since they sound better as a loop (and that's what they do in-game). Those other 2 are Phantom Malevolence and Eclipsing Annihilation (The Level 3 Boss them and the Final Boss theme), and I had decided to modify both of them to end instead of loop (I had also made some changes to Phantom Malevolence to make it sound better, and they both still loop in-game).

One of the bugs I fixed was a cause for the game to crash (I've had issues with game crashes in HTML5 before). It looks like what was causing it was that too many boxes were being drawn on-screen at once. For me, the game only crashed if I paused the game during a boss fight, because there would be 7 boxes being drawn (the health bars and pause menu). I removed one of them (the darken effect during the pause menu) and replaced the player health bar with an actor to try and prevent the crashes, and it seemed to work. Another bug I fixed is one where the locked rooms could sometimes not spawn enemies, causing the player to be trapped in the room since, in order to progress, you need to defeat 10 enemies. I've also previously had trouble with these locked rooms not working correctly.

This update should once more provide a rewarding experience with achievements and, specifically in the Level 2 and 5 Boss fights, hopefully better music. At this point, I have no idea if anyone has beaten the game and seen it's ending yet, and if you have, I'd like to know what you think of it. But for those of you who haven't, I still believe you can. Darkhouse isn't as difficult as it was when I first released it, and I think it's definitely worth the practice and effort to reach the top of the tower.

And of course, if you find any more bugs, please report them to me (especially if it's a bug that I thought I has previously fixed) so I can try to fix it.



tried it again but man
its a hard game or i am just bad

It's definitely still a very difficult game. It takes practice and patience to make progress. Keep it up and you'll get there!